Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch

It’s after class, and my stomach has made me well aware that I have, once again, skipped breakfast. What can I say? I like to sleep in.

I bid a hasty goodbye to my classmates and walk briskly towards the campus food court. I have but one thing on my mind: a ham roll.

Slices of ham, slivers of carrot, a thick layer of lettuce, tomato, spanish onion and a sauce I have yet to identify, all sandwiched between delicious wheat bread.

I usually like to take the roll home and apply a liberal helping of salt and pepper, and today I can already taste it.

Ordering, I dig through my handbag until I find my wallet, and pop it open as the server is wrapping my roll up.

My hand touches nothing as I find the compartment that should have a $10 note inside.

Looking down, I realise with growing concern that I don’t seem to have any bills.

Panicking, I unzip the coin section and start counting.

Five, six…

I have $6.90, and the ham roll is $7.60.

I can feel myself going red as I explain to the server that I am 70 cents short.

It is with great shame that I have to walk away, leaving the ham roll wrapped in white paper sitting on top of the counter.

…I guess it’s instant noodles again.



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